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What is the cost for recruiting?

Posting your jobs is still free. Signing up, posting a job, searching candidate database and receiving applications is all for free.

What are the benefits of posting jobs on www.itandtelecomkenya.com?

    • It’s free
    • You are in total control of your posts – Add, edit, delete, shortlist, reject, hire, search
    • Track your job applications 24/7
    • Initiate chats with candidates.
    • You can link your careers page to your job listings page
    • 24/7 professional assistance
    • Get a Free link to you site – Think SEO
    • Free traffic generation for your website – Think SEO too. Harder.

What are the pre-requisites to posting my first job?

Once signed up, navigate to your employer dashboard, create your company profile and provide all the necessary details. Optionally add departments to created company.

How many company profiles can I create?

A limit of one (1)

How many departments can I create?

As many as your company can take. Unlimited.

Want to create a company profile but lack a website?

Unfortunately you have to provide a link to your website. Real domain, working URL. Send a quote to site admin to discuss your visibility matters. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What company information do I give?

You can go to whatever length you wish, Think about optimizing your brand. Make use of it. That said, a company creation form has the following fields:

    • Company name *
    • Company website *
    • Contact email * - Where application notifications will be send to
    • Company category *
    • Contact person *
    • Telephone contacts *
    • Fax
    • Company size
    • Creation date
    • Company description
    • Location
    • Company logo - <=8kb
    • 2 Addresses
    • Working hours
    • Values
    • Objective
    • Vision
    • Mission
    • Facebook link
    • Twitter link
    • Google plus link

Do I post the jobs myself or let the admin do it on my behalf?

Yes to both. You have the option of posting jobs yourself or sending them to the admin to post them instead on your behalf. NOTE: You must have an approved company profile before considering the latter option.

How do I get precise Google map coordinates for my business premises?


    1. Google search your business
    2. Once the results page has loaded, switch to maps
    3. Look on the left panel for any results. If yes you’ll see a red pointer on the map pinned to your location. Confirm to see it’s really you. If no results. Search your business location e.g. Kitengela. With your mouse point to where you are located then click on it. The URL should change. 
    4. If previous steps where a success. Find in your address bar the ‘@’ symbol followed by two comma separated values i.e. www.google.com/maps/place/Temiras+Bistro+%26+Coffee+Garden/@-1.258704 ,36.8034943,17z/...In above example, the values -1.258704, 36.8034943 represent the latitude and longitude coordinates for “Temiras Bistro Coffee Garden”.  The following url is an example of clicking on unnamed place on Google maps https://www.google.com/maps/@-1.258704,36.8034943,17z. Same case. -1.258704, 36.8034943 represent clicked location’s coordinates on map.
    1. Pick these two values (e.g -1.258704,36.8034943) and paste them in their respective fields. The first group to latitude’s field and the second to longitude’s field. Changes will take effect after saving.

How can I show my location without being exact?

If so, enter your city/town in the city field and wait for a moment for the system to fetch. If found click on it to set. To use that as your location. Click on “set marker from address” and save your job. View job for confirmation. You can also provide both. City and Coordinates. City field will used to indicate job’s location in job listings at the homepage.

I can’t find my town/city

Not all towns or cities have been entered into the system. If you are unable find your town/city. Send a suggestion to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and it will be added as soon as possible.

How do I manage my applicants?

We provide access to a simple to use page from your dashboard that lets you filter applicants by job, gender, years’ experience and job description in a convenient, printable format. You can also indicate the filters when creating a job by checking a few checkboxes at job creation form.

How do I contact the applicant?

Each application comes with contact information. You are free to contact them by email, SMS or phone as you please

Can I save people I’m interested in?

Yes! We provide a feature that lets you search and save job seeker profiles that fit your requirements.

How can I increase the number of applications?

Creating an attractive-genuine job description is very important. You can also consider including the salary range so job seekers who search by salary will find your post. Finally, ensure that your company description is accurate and clean.

I’m getting more applicants even when I got the desired candidate(s) already?

It is important to change the status of your job to reflect your current recruitment stage. If Interviewing, set status to “interviewing”, if done set it to “closed to new applicants” etc. One way to avoid this without much configuration is to check on your “stop publishing date”. It could be set to a year later.

What are the limitations as an employer?

Different roles; different privileges. As an employer you can neither apply for any job nor have access to job seekers dashboard.

How do deactivate my account?

We value our members and hate to see them go, at the same time we do respect your choices. If you are heavily overwhelmed by the urge to deactivate your account. Please send a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we’ll act accordingly to your desire.

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