How to add,remove or edit the context in windows 7/8

ADD, REMOVE or EDIT Context menu items in windows 7 or 8

A Context Menu or Right-Click Menu is the kind of menu that appears on screen; on mouse right-click; on Windows or any other operating system. It can also be invoked by pressing the MENU key ( ≣  Between Alt GR and CTRL ) on any standard QWERTY keyboard. You may have noticed at any time you install a new application, the menu tend to grow. You notice new item entries which weren't there before . So what are these? Menu items are simply quick access commands added by applications during installation purposely meant to give you additional functionality. More like shortcuts

Your menu is slow, cluttered with non-beneficial items  you've never used or probably it's longer than you want. Diagnosis:  This's mainly due to failure by applications to remove their respective content items during uninstallation, H ence aforementioned problems.  I bet this's one of the reasons you're here and the desire is to permanently remove these annoying items. Perhaps you are driven by the need to edit or add custom entries and get more functionality? You've clicked on the right link. In this article I’ll take you through some of more than one way to achieve this in Windows. Read on...

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