How to access Localhost [WAMP] from Android over Wi-Fi

How to access Localhost [WAMP] from Android over Wi-Fi

Rooting isn’t an option for this tutorial.

For web developers and designers, one common question lingers in their minds when working on a project; “How will the site render on devices of various screen sizes?” This is a shared case when one is working on a responsive website. You want to know how it will scale under these conditions prior for it going “live” lest you end up with a messy layout. While there are a myriad of routes to this question’s answer like reducing browser’s window size in PC or else using inbuilt features of programs such as Artisteer or Dreamweaver. In this how-to, I’ll take you through an alternate route explored by few, which I find pretty amazing– worked for me - “Accessing a website on localhost server from your android device over Wi-Fi”. When I talk of a development server in this context, think WAMP server. I can say it’s the best server to set up a local host with. Moreover its ease of integration with other programs like MySql Workbench.
Before we jump into the nifty gritty of the whole procedure. It’s good I list what I used in this how-to:

• Android Version 4.4.2
• WAMP server version 2.6.5
• Win 7,8

These steps worked for me on windows 8 and 7. They should for you.

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